Nov 15, 2020

Work with an Experienced Day Porter this Winter

Calgary businesses can combat winter muck, germs, and more by working with an experienced Day Porter to safeguard their commercial space’s professional appearance.
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Keeping commercial spaces clean and safe during the winter months is always a challenge. Staff and clients come in with wet, mucky boots. People constantly touch surfaces, and they may be leaving invisible germs behind. Even restrooms somehow always seem to be extra messy over the cold months. Calgary businesses can combat these problems and more by working with an experienced Day Porter to safeguard their commercial space’s professional appearance.


What are Day Porters Responsible for? 

Your experienced day porter is your company’s dedicated cleaning professional. It is their responsibility to ensure your company is always looking its best. From winter slush to smudges and clutter, your day porter works tirelessly to keep your facility pristine and presentable to the public. 


Think of your day porter as your physical facility’s public relations manager. Your day porter upholds the image of your business by performing all necessary maintenance and cleaning tasks, such as trash removal, restroom restocking, and mess mitigation. Of course, which tasks your day porter prioritizes depends on the unique needs of the business. We work with you to provide superior service in the exact ways you need it.


Do I Just Need a Day Porter? 

Your day porter does A LOT for your business. They are on constant offence against snow-melt and disorganization. They’re on top of every detail, to ensure your clients always have soap, hand sanitizers, paper towels, and more. However, day porters work best as part of a larger, commercial cleaning team. 


The invisible, deep cleaning details (like scrubbing high-touch surfaces such as light switches) or waxing floors are often too noisy, too invasive to the workspace, or simply too low priority when there’s a constant stream of tasks necessary to maintain your office or facility’s public face. In addition to your day porter, you may want to consider floor care services and office cleaning.


With customer service available 24-7, working with Strathcona Cleaners for all of your commercial cleanings needs is easy and stress-free. We have over 30 years of experience meeting the needs of Calgary companies, both big and small. Whether you need a day porter, flooring cleaning, office cleaning, or all of the above, we are able to provide the services that your business needs. Contact us today to get started.