Sep 1, 2020

Why Professional Cleaning Services Have a Great ROI

Commercial cleaning services increase your business’s productivity while also facilitating your ability to welcome clients to your location.
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In the era of a pandemic, few investments have a better ROI than professional cleaning. This is because commercial cleaning services increase your business’s productivity while also facilitating your ability to welcome clients to your location. From malls to offices, this fall and winter are all about making your employees and customers feel safe as they return to your location, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to have professional commercial cleaners visibly keeping your people safe around the clock.


Reduce Illness. Whether it’s the middle of a pandemic or just the middle of the flu season, employees are one of your biggest investments. So when staff are out of work with sickness, your business loses time and money. Professional cleaning on a daily basis throughout the flu season decreases the spread of flu throughout your business, preventing outbreaks. As a complement to illness preventive cleaning, allow employees who are feeling under the weather to work from home. This will prevent a scenario where your entire team needs to be quarantined. 


Less Touching. An unfortunate amount of time in offices is wasted looking for everyday items that have gone missing. From staplers to file folders, investing in professional cleaning and organization means spending less time looking for stuff and more time working. Beyond increasing employee efficiency, when staff members have to shuffle through mountains of items looking for a particular paper, they end up touching everything — a great way to spread illness. By keeping surfaces clean and tidy, you can limit surface touching to prevent the spread of germs. 


Be a Pandemic Leader. Your staff and customers are looking to you to feel confident and safe returning your business. Having a pristine meeting space and office now goes far beyond mitigating embarrassment when inviting clients to your office for meetings. In today’s climate, it means demonstrating that you take the health and safety of the people working in and visiting your building seriously. If we’re ever going to get back to business as usual, it’s paramount that Calgarians feel certain that measures are being taken to protect them from COVID-19. Demonstrate your commitment to being a pandemic leader by working with a professional Calgary cleaning team with the necessary experience to fight the virus on every surface it lands on.


As Calgarians return to our normal routines, it’s important that we continue to take steps to ensure our province can stay open and prosper despite the public health crisis. Speak with the expert commercial cleaners at Strathcona Cleaners today to learn why working with our professionals is a great investment for your business.