Aug 1, 2020

Cleaning in the Face of COVID-19

With the COVID-19 situation very much still feeling up in the air — and at the same time as though nobody really seems to care anymore — business owners are in a tough spot.
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With the COVID-19 situation very much still feeling up in the air, business owners are in a tough spot. Do they go back to business as usual? Call employees back into the office and start scheduling in-person meetings with clients as though the pandemic were over? Well, you could, but it likely isn’t wise. Here’s a better plan:


Rotating Staff. Instead of summoning everyone back to the office, consider a rotating staff schedule of working from home and commuting in. You can have staff come in for one week then work from home for a week, or have assigned days for certain staff members to commute. The exact implementation isn’t important; what matters is halving the number of staff at the office at any one time. Consider allowing employees with children first choice of working from home, since many care options are still limited at this time.


A vital component of a rotating staff is ensuring that employees are effectively sanitizing their work station, so that the next rotation of staff comes into a hygienic space. If your business finds a schedule that rotates every week works best, we’d strongly recommend having a commercial cleaning team come in to do a deep clean between rotations.


Prioritize In-person Client Meetings. When it comes to client meetings, you’ll want to think carefully over who will really benefit from an in-person meeting vs. an online experience. Some meetings, like sales, are simply going to be a better experience in person, so prioritize making time and space for those sorts of meetings. Ideally, you’ll only meet in-person with one or two different clients each day. In between clients, have an experienced Calgary commercial cleaner fully sanitize meeting rooms to safeguard the health of your staff and your clients. While the weather remains nice, consider keeping windows open, so that fresh air continuously cycles through your office.


COVID-19 is harmful once inside the body, but it is relatively easy to eradicate on surfaces. The expert Calgary commercial cleaners at Strathcona Cleaners are well equipped to fully sanitize work stations, communal areas, washrooms, meeting rooms, and more to stop the spread of illness. As your business reopens, you’ll need to team up with a commercial janitorial team you can trust. With flexible hours, adaptable services, green cleaning certification, and highly competent staff, Strathcona Cleaners are the ideal partner for any Calgary business looking to open safely. Call us today.