Jul 10, 2020

What Does it Mean for Your Business Now that Alberta is Opening Up?

As Alberta powers through each stage of reopening, business owners are wondering how to best get back to normal.
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As Alberta powers through each stage of reopening, business owners are wondering how to best get back to normal. Is it really safe to open the office doors wide and invite staff and clients in for meetings? Should you be taking everyone’s temperature? Continue to have employees work from home? What steps does a business owner really need to take to protect staff and clients who are coming into work? 


Consider Telecommuting. If your staff have been working hard from home, consider allowing them to continue doing so. Ask employees only to come into the office physically on days where their presence will really make a difference, for example, to meet new clients with whom they will be working closely. Ideally, you’ll keep your office at half capacity or less. 


Individual Workspaces. Business owners and team members with a private office should be able to safely come into work, but if much of your staff work in a single, large open-concept office, you may want to rethink your layout. Remember that each staff members’ desks need to be a minimum of 2 metres away from everyone else. Communal staff areas, like the kitchen, should temporarily have at least some of the seating removed to discourage staff from congregating in close quarters. Common spaces, including bathrooms, will need to be professionally cleaned at least daily.


Hosting at the Office. When clients come in for meetings, use the largest meeting room available and sit on opposite sides of the table, to maintain the 2-metre distance. Instead of providing paper handouts, offer your clients information electronically. Set up a refreshment table just for clients, where they can make themselves a cup of coffee or help themselves to a cookie instead of having staff serve them. If possible, open a window to keep fresh air circulating.


Bring on a Commercial Calgary Cleaner. On top of social distancing, you’ll want to ensure your office is as clean as possible — that means working with a professional cleaning team. Our team brings to the table 30 years of experience cleaning in all industries and commercial spaces. Our experts use the most innovative, green cleaning technologies and solutions to offer complete sanitation that won’t irritate staff or clients. 


As you work to reimagine your workspace to make it safe for staff and clients alike, our team of commercial cleaners will work as your partner to keep surfaces wiped, bathrooms and kitchens sanitary, and more. Our professional cleaners have specialized in commercial spaces, such as offices, for over three decades in order to provide Calgary industry and business owners the highest quality, green cleaning services they need. Call us today.