Oct 1, 2019

FLU Control – Cleaning for a Healthier Workplace

The typical, general cleaning employed by most offices isn’t enough to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
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Flu season has a tendency to sweep through organizations and wipe out productivity. Unfortunately, the typical, general cleaning employed by most offices isn’t enough to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Tidying your workspace may make it look more presentable, but it doesn’t destroy the viruses that make your team sick. 


Clean Then Sanitize. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) clearly distinguishes between cleaning and disinfecting workplace surfaces. Specifically, a surface needs to be first cleaned, so dust and residue is scrubbed away, and then it needs to be sanitized separately. An easy and effective workplace-approved sanitizer is a 1:100 solution of household bleach and water. Of course, if you prefer to steer clear of harsh chemicals, you may prefer working with a green cleaning team like the Strathcona Cleaners. Our environmentally-friendly cleaners pack the sanitizing punch your business demands without releasing volatile compounds.


High Contact Areas. While areas like the toilet or the floor can immediately trigger feelings of disgust, germs know no boundaries. In fact, high contact areas, like sinks and light switches, are often far more contaminated than the toilet. Other surfaces, like windows, keyboards, and office chairs, can collect dust and debris for days or weeks before they look sufficiently dirty for someone to notice. Bacteria often have a long time to build up on these surfaces before anyone thinks to clean them.


Work with Professionals. The professional Calgary commercial cleaners at Strathcona cleaners are highly trained experts. We use workplace approved, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and cleaning methods to ensure complete sanitization of your workplace. Working with a professional cleaning team helps to remove bacteria and viruses, preventing the spread of disease and safeguarding your business’s productivity throughout the flu season.


The expert commercial cleaners at Strathcona Cleaners are here to help you find the right cleaning solution for your business. We offer flexible schedules and customizable cleaning plans to ensure your workplace stays healthy and productive. Call our team today at 403-237-8355 to learn more about how our Calgary cleaning services help your business’s bottom line.