Aug 15, 2019

Protecting Your Flooring from Road Salt

Blizzards are coming. And with blowing snow comes road and sidewalk salt all over your immaculate office floor. Here’s why you need a commercial cleaning company ready to mop up all that slushy mess.
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Blizzards are coming. And with blowing snow comes road and sidewalk salt all over your immaculate office floor. Every year, the city of Calgary dumps 30,000-40,000 tonnes of road salt on our streets to keep traffic moving in the worst conditions. That’s about 30 kgs of salt being dragged around per Calgarian. It’s no surprise then that a tonne of that salt seems to find its way onto your commercial space’s floor.


How Does Road Salt Destroy Flooring? When your commercial floor begins to look dull, scuffed, and tired, a commercial cleaner can remove the floor’s finish with a high pH stripper and then refinish it to restore the floor’s original shiny, polished look. Like commercial floor strippers, most road salts have a very high pH. The puddles and residue of road salts tracked in by your staff and clients quickly breaks down the finish on any hard flooring and leaves the floor underneath vulnerable. 


The salts also leave an unsightly white powdery or oily residue behind. If the residue is left uncleaned for too long, it permanently damages the flooring. Salt residue will dry and splinter wood flooring, discolour tile and vinyl floors, and leave carpets looking permanently worn out and ugly.


Invest in a Mat & Use Disposable Slippers. One of the easiest ways to protect your flooring is to stop salt at the entry. Use commercial mats to soak up salt water before it gets tracked into your office. Request your clients remove their shoes and provide disposable slippers for them to wear instead. By containing salt to the entry, your cleaning team can more effectively stay on top of any mess that does appear.


Work with the Right Calgary Commercial Cleaner. The best protection you can provide your flooring is a savvy, commercial cleaning team. Our professional cleaners offer expert flooring care on a flexible schedule designed to meet the unique needs of Calgary businesses. Whether you need constant vigilance all day long or a trusted night-cleaning team to ensure your commercial spaces are perfect each morning, we’re able to accomodate your needs and keep your floors sparkling.


Calgary winters are long, and the damage to your floor after months of abuse can be irreversible. Beyond that, wet puddles look sloppy and turn your floor into a slipping hazard for both your clients and staff. Investing in a reputable Calgary commercial cleaner ensures both the longevity of your floors and the professionalism of your office space. Call today.