Jun 8, 2019

Spring Parking Lot Clean Up

With the snow behind us at last, your commercial building’s parking lot may be looking and smelling a little off.
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With the snow behind us at last, your commercial building’s parking lot may be looking and smelling a little off. Over winter, garbage and animal wastes have a tendency to collect in parking lots. The icy weather prevents the detritus from smelling, and a blanket of snow can hide how much trash has piled up over the cold months. But with spring’s arrival, it’s time to have a professional commercial cleaning team take charge of your parking lot, so it’s tidy and welcoming for your clients and employees.


The Details Matter. For over 30 years, Strathcona Cleaners has been providing Calgary businesses with the best commercial cleaning services available. Our client communication is exceptional, and before we begin your parking lot clean up, our professional team will go over the jobsite with you and carefully listen to your expectations.


At Strathcona Cleaners, you’ll find the scheduling flexibility you need. We understand that our clients are busy growing their businesses, and our teams are available to work at a variety of hours so as not to disturb your business’s smooth, day-to-day operation.


Our responsible crew have received extensive training and are highly experienced. We have the right equipment to efficiently and effectively clean your parking lot, leaving it spotless from curb to curb.


Green Cleaning & Maintenance. Our parking lot clean up & maintenance services, like all of our commercial cleaning services, are LEED certified, environmentally friendly. Our team is dedicated to cleaning practices that reduce our ecological footprint. Following LEED’s best practices, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment in all our work, and we strive to reduce our environmental impact using today’s most effective, green cleaning practices and products. Again and again, we’ve found that green cleaning reduces worksite maintenance costs, reduces complaints from your customers, and improves your business’s public image.


Your company’s public image begins at your parking lot. It’s important to have a clean, well-maintained area for your employees and customers to leave their vehicles. Strathcona Cleaners can help. We provide Calgary businesses with commercial cleaning excellence. Inside your commercial space and out, our team provides effective, efficient, eco-friendly cleaning services that leave your staff and your customers happy and breathing easy.


Is your parking lot inviting customers in? For many Calgary companies, your parking lot is your customer’s first impression of your business — make sure it’s a positive one. Call Strathcona Cleaners today.