Jun 1, 2019

It’s Foot Traffic Season

With summer well on it’s way, many Calgary businesses can expect a surge of foot traffic as Calgarians spend more time outdoors, enjoying our city. Make sure your windows, floors, and store front are clean and ready!
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The sun is shining, the day is warm, and Calgarians are out shopping. In winter, Calgarians often perform only the bare minimum necessary excursions from our warm homes. So with summer well on it’s way, many Calgary businesses can expect a surge of foot traffic as Calgarians spend more time outdoors, enjoying our city.  


Pressure Wash Your Exterior. It doesn’t take too long for the exterior of your storefront to become dusty and dull. With the right detergents and expertise, pressure washing can effectively remove dirt and grime from most exterior surfaces, including siding, brick, stucco, and wood. Pressure washing is an extremely effective, eco-friendly cleaning method, but it can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. While DIY pressure washing is possible, an untrained employee tasked with pressuring washing the building could potentially injure themselves, other staff members, or customers, and they could damage your building. We always recommend working with professionals when choosing pressure washing for your commercial space.


Parking Lot Clean Up. For many Calgary companies, your clients’ first interaction with your business is in the parking lot. If your parking lot is confusing, smelly, full of junk and obstacles, or otherwise inconvenient, that’s a big problem. It means your customer’s initial interaction with your company is stress or frustration. For businesses, like grocery stores, where your customers use your parking lot once a week (or more!), they can quickly develop a subconscious, negative association to shopping at your location.


Window Washing. Nothing welcomes your customers and staff to your commercial space quite like clean, shining windows. There’s just something about the way light reflects off of sparkling windows that is eye-catching and beautiful. From the outside, you want the glass of your displays perfectly spotless. Towering, elegant windows entice customers, while dusty glass looks sloppy and leaves your business feeling unwelcoming. Canadians are quite forgiving a muck during the winter and spring, but June has arrived, so it’s time for the grime to go.


  • Restaurants should have their windows professionally cleaned at least every 2 weeks during the summer months.

  • Offices usually get by with a professional window cleaning just once a month — or even every two months.

  • Medical Facilities (doctor’s offices, dental clinics, vet clinics, etc) need to present an image of absolute cleanliness, and should have windows cleaned every 2 weeks to once a month. Your commercial cleaner should continue to wash your windows as late into fall as possible and begin again in spring again as soon as the temperatures rise above freezing.

  • Retail Stores with lots of foot traffic should schedule a window cleaning at least monthly. But, depending on your location and competition, you may need to have a commercial cleaning crew come by more often.


Not all companies need to work with a commercial cleaning team to keep their exteriors clean and welcoming. Factories and industrial buildings that clients rarely visit will benefit more by putting their maintenance dollars into interior janitorial services. While other businesses, like car dealerships and hotels, which have towering windows in their showroom or foyer, need a trusted team of commercial cleaners to ensure their exteriors are spotless 24/7. Most businesses are somewhere in the middle.


Whether you need a commercial cleaning team for pressure washing and window washing just once or once a week, Strathcona Cleaners is here to serve you. Contact our team today.