May 1, 2019

Prevent Pests this Spring

With the arrival of the warm weather, all the creepy-crawlies that no one has been missing are beginning to come out of hibernation.
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With the arrival of the warm weather, all the creepy-crawlies that no one has been missing are beginning to come out of hibernation. Pests with four legs and six are active once more, and they’re looking for resources, such as food and shelter. While many Calgarians may think of mice, ants, and bedbugs as household problems, these pests are common nuisances in commercial spaces like offices and restaurants as well. Over half of pest control companies have been called to eradicate bed bugs from office furniture, and other problem species are even more common.


Containing Garbage is your number one priority for pest prevention. Overflowing garbages both in your commercial space and outdoors are a flashing sign to rodents and insects saying that there is food and resources available here. And controlling garbage isn’t only vital for restaurants. Cockroaches, for example, may prefer to eat your employee’s leftover lunch, but they’ll also happily snack on paper, glue, and other office supplies that are left lying around. When the office is disorderly, it also creates ample hiding places for small pests to hide and breed.


Kitchens large and small are the next stop on pest prevention. Even small staff kitchens can quickly become an all you can eat restaurant for mice. Staff members may leave snacks lying around, and crumbs and spills may be left untidied for days. Critters won’t just contaminate the food left out—many of them shed allergens that can leave your staff or clients feeling under the weather. In the worst case scenarios, an infestation can lead to the spread of disease.


Protect Your Business & Your Reputation. A trail of ants through the staff washroom or one of your staff members complaining of itchy bites may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Your business’s reputation hangs in the balance. When pests begin to take over your commercial space, your staff will be uncomfortable and distracted. If your clients notice an infestation, they’ll be forced to wonder how your business can handle their account when it can’t even provide a sanitary work environment for staff.


Nobody can work when mice or ants are creeping around. Eliminating pests once they’re already in your commercial space is not only expensive, but you also lose valuable time while your building in accessible due to sprayed pesticides. At Strathcona Cleaners, we believe in keeping your commercial space clean, organized, and unwelcoming to pests. Our experienced, green cleaners remove mess and sanitize surfaces, removing potential resources for pests — before they move in.