Mar 15, 2019

Commercial Cleaners for Your Unique Business

No two Calgary businesses are the same, so why would your commercial cleaning needs by the same as one of your competitors?
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No two Calgary businesses are the same, so why would your commercial cleaning needs by the same as one of your competitors? At Strathcona Cleaners, we offer flexible green cleaning services that can adapt to the unique needs of every business.


Office Cleaning – Day or Evening. A tidy, professional office is crucial for businesses where clients regularly visit. You need to have a commercial space that you’re proud to show your clients into for meetings and consultations. But that doesn’t mean you need a full time day porter. We offer comprehensive office cleaning — including carpets and bathrooms — both during the day and evenings. You can have your office tidied during business hours or after everyone’s gone home; our team has a variety of availabilities to best accommodate your needs.


Day Porter Services. From practical staff common areas, like kitchens or cafeterias, bathrooms, patios, etc, to glamourous client show rooms and lobbies, our day porters strive to make everything in your commercial space run a little smoother. Our polite, friendly team members quietly work behind the scenes to ensure your commercial space remains impeccable, while also supporting your staff and clients in anyway they can.


Think of your day porter as an indispensable assistant for getting all the little things off your to-do list. Meeting set up and tear down for a big client? They’ve cleaned the white boards, polished the boardroom table, and have the coffee mugs washed before your client leaves the building. Need to move a staff member to a new room? Your porter can help prep their new office, move them in, and then clean up their old space.


Hard To Reach Places. Presenting a beautiful, professional commercial space to your clients and staff means having a reputable cleaning team to handle all the details. Little things, like clean, clear windows, can have a big effect on employee happiness and productivity. Cleaning ceilings and walls removes stains and dust, creating a more professional look while removing possible allergens. From your baseboards to your highest crown molding, our team can handle any job.


For 30 years, we’ve provided Calgary businesses with the best commercial cleaning. Our highly trained team uses the latest green cleaning technologies to keep offices, malls, large public buildings, and more clean, healthy, and smelling fresh. If you need a reputable cleaning team to partner with for your commercial space, contact the experts at Strathcona Cleaners today!