Mar 1, 2019

Winter Carpet Cleaning 101

While most business owners know that their carpets need to be vacuumed weekly, fewer Calgarians are sure just how frequently to have their commercial carpets professionally cleaned.
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While most business owners know that their carpets need to be vacuumed weekly, fewer Calgarians are sure just how frequently to have their commercial carpets professionally cleaned. After all, vacuuming is simply not equivalent to a commercial carpet cleaning. We’d love to be able to give you an easy answer, such as once quarterly, but it’s a little more complicated than that.


First, it’ll depend a little on the carpet. Lighter coloured carpets and carpets with higher nap will both need to be cleaned more often than darker, lower options.


How much foot traffic is wearing on your carpets will also have a significant effect. A small business with a few client meetings each day needs a professional carpet cleaning less often than the entryway of a popular church.


The time of year also has a strong influence on how filthy your carpets are getting. During a wet, cold winter like Calgary is seeing now, everyone is constantly tracking in sidewalk salt, mucky slush, and a whole lot of wet slop. Together, this snowy-sludge can soak your carpets, creating an idyllic home for moulds and a stinking cesspool of allergens for your employees.


Simultaneously, salt build up in your carpets can degrade the materials and cause permanent staining. To make matters worse, once the water evaporates and the salt crystallizes into an ugly white crust, it can’t be wiped away. Your professional cleaner will have to inject hot water into your carpets in order to dissolve and steam away the crystals.


Is it Time to Schedule Your Business for a Commercial Carpet Cleaning?



These commercial spaces not only have to battle against salt and slush, restaurant and bar carpets are also getting gunked up by both grease tracked around from the kitchen and regular spills and crumbs. Restaurants and bars should cleanse and protect their carpets quarterly, with one extra cleaning during the depths of winter.


Retail Stores

When it comes to retail stores, how often your carpets need a professional cleaning will depend a lot on the type of carpet and the amount of foot traffic. We’ve already mentioned lighter coloured carpets will need more frequent care, and obviously, if your store is bustling with folks, you’ll have to schedule a commercial carpet cleaning more often. Consider cleaning your carpets every 3-6 months, and at least once during and after winter.


Office Buildings

Assuming people can access your office building without trailing in a ton of salt and slush, you’ll likely get away with just 2 or 3 cleanings a year. We’d recommend one before winter begins (September or October) and once just after it finishes (April - May). If your office building sees significant foot traffic from mucky boots, consider also having your carpets professionally cleaned in January and give the office a fresh start for the New Year.



Thanks to students largely using indoor shoes, you should be able to avoid some of the yuck. Unfortunately, if you have a large student base, you’ll still need your carpets cleaned and protected fairly frequently. We recommend every 3-6 months. A professional carpet cleaning in September, January, and March should control mildew and salt build up while students are in session.



Unlike schools, people often wear their outdoor boots inside a church. Because of that, a church with a large congregation may want the carpet in their entryway cleaned every couple months. As for the rest of the church, one thorough professional carpet cleaning a year should suffice.


At Strathcona Cleaners we want to help keep Calgary’s businesses and public spaces clean and hygienic. During the winter, salt and snow can make maintaining carpets more difficult, but we know we’re up the challenge! Let our team keep your commercial or public space clean and inviting regardless of what the weather is doing outside. Call us today.