Feb 10, 2019

A Clean Workplace Means Healthier Employees

The better your employees are feeling and the more productive they are at work, the better it is for your business.
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One of your business’s biggest expenses and investments is your team. These are the people that make it possible for your business to serve your clients and make money. So it follows that the better your employees are feeling and the more productive they are at work, the better it is for your business. One of the easiest steps in ensuring your staff feel their best is partnering with a talented commercial cleaning company.


Allergens. Dust, mould spores, fur, pollen, and more can get sucked into your business’s commercial building and circulated around and around by the HVAC system. These allergens can cause a cloud of ever-present malaise. By the early afternoon, many team members have a slight headache, or they’re feeling lethargic. But the afternoon crash isn’t inevitable. A reliable commercial cleaning team can help. We keep the dust on surfaces in check. Janitorial staff replace the furnace filter as necessary. Our cleaning team decreases the presence of allergens in your commercial space, and we help your team members to feel good until home time.


Mental Wellness. Employees who feel valued thrive. They strive to meet goals and power through tasks efficiently. A big part of how an individual employee feels about the business they work for is how much pride they feel in the place they work. Are they embarrassed to have friends meet them at the office at the end of the day? Do they try to hide a disorganized disaster from their spouse when they drop off a forgotten lunch?


Our commercial cleaners balance your cleaning needs and budget. Our team can come in daily or weekly, and we’ll leave the floors shining, the surfaces sanitized, and the whole space looking, smelling, and feeling better. We promise your staff will appreciate the difference, and it’ll show in their work. When you demonstrate your respect and pride for your business, your staff can’t help but follow your example!


Bacteria & Viruses. Sick days are a vital employee benefit. They give staff the opportunity to get better at home, and they prevent the spread of illness were that staff member to come to work despite being sick. But they’re sort of a necessary evil. Nobody wants to be sick enough to take a sick day, and employers don’t want to lose an entire day’s worth of productivity. The solution? Prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses before your employees get sick. Nightly sanitization of surfaces — especially high contact surfaces like door knobs and light switches — help to stop the transfer of viruses from person to person.


Investing in a reputable Calgary cleaning team can cut back on how often your team members get sick. The daily dusting and sweeping greatly reduce the amount of allergens floating in the air, and our professional cleaners also help craft a tidy professional space that’s conducive for work and welcoming to clients. Learn more about how investing in commercial cleaning services can benefit your business and help your company to prosper.