Jan 1, 2019

Are Your Washrooms Affecting Your Company’s Reputation?

When clients walk through the door, you want them to be wowed and take note of how clean and organized everything looks.
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The front end of your business’s commercial space is your company’s best chance to make a great first impression. When clients walk through the door, you want them to be wowed and take note of how clean and organized everything looks. It will build their confidence in your ability to handle any and every job they need done. But there’s one spot that may be even more important than your company’s entryway or boardroom: the bathroom.


A Peek at the Behind-the-Scenes. Before your clients make a final decision on whether or not your business is the right one for them, they’ll want to know you can deliver what you’re saying. Everyone has a shining, professional front to show potential clients, but what really matters are the details and the work after the contracts are signed. Often, clients will take detours to the staff kitchen or the bathroom just to sneak a peek at how smoothly and professionally your business is running in the areas clients aren’t expected to see.


Healthier, Happier Staff. Your business relies on your team. These are the people that work with your clients every day to provide your company’s services, answer questions, and make sure your clients are content. When your staff aren’t feeling their best, they can’t give your customers their best. Which is why you owe your team a clean, healthy environment. Employees who work in a clean, tidy space have a more positive experience in their career, take more pride in their work, and share their happiness with your customers.


Washrooms are notorious for becoming germ havens. Toilets, door knobs, and damp countertops all provide optimal living conditions for bacteria and viruses. Investing in a clean washroom isn’t just about showing your clients you care about the details — it’s also about ensuring your staff don’t get sick!


Professionally Clean for Your Profession Image. You’ve poured countless hours into creating your business. You know that you offer the best possible services you can, and your company’s reputation for friendly, effective service is well earned. Make sure that every corner of your commercial space fully reflects how much you care about your business, so both your employees and your clients can see the consideration that goes into every aspect of your company.


At Strathcona Cleaners, our passion is cleaning. We work with Calgary businesses of all sizes to make sure every inch of floor sparkles and no surface goes unsanitized. We know that businesses rely on their image to help them grow, which is why we want your commercial space to contribute to your great reputation. From your boardroom to your bathroom, we’ll keep your Calgary commercial space clean, tidy, and smelling fresh! Give us a call today.