Nov 8, 2018

Ensuring the Health of Your Gym Members

Gyms across Calgary are buzzing with health-conscientious Canadians who want to stay fit over the cold winter months.
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Gyms across Calgary are buzzing with health-conscientious Canadians who want to stay fit over the cold winter months. But a busy gym can quickly become dirty and germy without the help of a commercial cleaning team. Sweaty bodies are coming in and out of your gym, touching equipment, and leaving residue behind. To ensure all equipment is safely sanitized, floors are free of hazards, and the air is smelling fresh every morning when you open the doors, you’ll need our help.


Delicate Equipment. Gym equipment is expensive. So obviously, you’ll want to balance providing a safe, sanitary environment with the longevity of your investment. Our professional commercial cleaners will only use gentle cleansers that sanitize without damaging surfaces. Our green cleaning supplies are gentle on your clients too! We avoid harsh chemicals with strong smells, so everyone can breathe easily as they achieve their fitness goals.


Locker Rooms & Washrooms. We don’t need to tell you how smelly and dirty washrooms can get. And when you add sweaty bodies and gym clothes into the mix, the stink can get really bad, really fast. A commercial cleaning helps to eliminate the odors by tidying and sanitizing empty lockers, ensuring showers and toilets are hygienic and running optimally, and more. Left unattended, these rooms become magnets for bacteria, virus, and stench. For you customers, a smelly, dirty locker room signals that your business doesn’t care about the important details or their health. Keep these spaces sparkling and smelling fresh.


Everything Else. Flu season has started. As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to ensure your customers can enjoy your gym all winter long without fearing illness. Beyond that, any carpeted areas will be working double duty between the everyday perils of the gym (protein drink stains are the worst!) and the slush and salt muck on everyone’s boots. With your gym’s professional image on the line, it just makes sense to invest in a team that can keep your equipment and space sparkling, sanitized, and smelling fresh.


Your gym takes the health of your clients seriously, and we do too! That’s why our professional team only use eco-friendly cleaners and takes the necessary time to ensure every last surface is wiped clean. If you want to work with a Calgary commercial cleaning company that always goes the extra step, you’ve come to the right place!