Nov 1, 2018

Floor Buffing or Polishing — What’s the Difference?

Finding a reputable commercial cleaner who your trust to always go the extra step isn’t the only consideration.
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You have thousands of square feet to keep shining and looking tidy, so it’s fair to say you take your floors seriously and want to work with only the best Calgary commercial cleaners. But finding a reputable commercial cleaner who your trust to always go the extra step isn’t the only consideration. You also need to decide how you want your floors serviced. Do you prefer to have them buffed or polished? And what’s the difference?

Floors that are finished with a polymer are vulnerable to nicks, dents, and other blemishes that ruin the shine and make the floor look dull and dirty. Buffing and polishing serve to revitalize your floor to its former beautiful again and again by removing smudges, cracks, and nicks. They both require specialized equipment and fundamentally change the surface of the floor, but that is where the similarities in these two services end.

Floor Buffing utilizes a spray solution that fills the nicks and cracks, leaving the surface smooth and free of blemishes. The pads of the buffing machine rotate very slowly. As they pass over the floor they remove scuff marks and dirt, leaving the floor shining.

Floor Polishing takes the opposite approach. Similar to how a rock polisher shines semi-precious stones by sanding away the exterior, polishing — or burnishing by its technical name — removes a tiny layer of the polymer. Like buffing, this creates an even, shiny floor free of nicks and dents.

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