Oct 8, 2018

Keeping Your Workplace Healthy

Your employees are some of your most important and most expensive assets.
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Your employees are some of your most important and most expensive assets. When they’re at work and feeling good, your business runs efficiently and serves your clients to the best of its ability. On the other hand, if your team is sick or feeling under the weather, your business suffers as well. Suffice it to say, you need your employees healthy and hard at work to grow your business and keep your clients happy. Investing in the right commercial Calgary cleaner is the first step.


Control Allergies. Many people have mild allergies they’re not even aware of. Ask the average Calgarian, and they’ll tell you allergies look like itchy eyes and a nose that runs non-stop. But for folks experiencing more mild reactions to dust, pollen, and mould spores in the air, a slight headache and light fatigue are more common. Your Calgary commercial cleaners help to protect your staff from chronic sleepiness by eliminating allergens in the environment. We wipe surfaces to control for dust and cleanse your carpets to remove moulds, fur, pollen, and any other smelly debris.


Promote Better Mental Health. Physical health isn’t the only thing you need to think about! Employees need to feel proud of their workspace, appreciated for their effort, and confident that their hard work is benefiting the business. Working in a disorganized, dirty space slowly erodes employee morale. Filthy windows, in particular, are known to depress the office. Our professional, commercial cleaners keep your workspace tidy, bright, and smelling fresh, which helps your employees to feel good about working for your business.


Prevent Illness. The only thing worse than an underperforming employee at the office is one who’s taking a sick day at home. We have yet to meet a business owner who didn’t wish their employees were never ill, and our commercial cleaners are here to help! Our daily sanitization of work surfaces, employee social areas (like the kitchen), and washrooms stop the spread of bacteria and viruses before your team members spread sickness around the office. We pay particular attention to high contamination surfaces, like door knobs and light switches, which are often overlooked. Our careful approach eliminates illnesses before they even begin.


Whether you want your staff to feel healthy and good because they matter to you or for purely practical reasons, the team at Strathcona Cleaners provides the commercial cleaning services you need. With our cleaners, you can rest assured that, when you come in the next morning, your workspace will be hygienic, tidy, and ready for business. Give us a call today.