Oct 1, 2018

Floor Care Services for the Winter Months

Slushy shoes covered in road salt can stain carpets, permanently damage hard flooring, and increase the risk of injuries from slips and falls.
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Our cold, snowy winters can be especially hard on the flooring of our commercial spaces. Employees and clients come in with sloppy, wet shoes covered in road salt and slush. This contaminated water stains carpets, permanently damages hard flooring, and increases the risk of injuries from slips and falls. With so much potential harm, it’s important to work with a Calgary commercial cleaner to ensure floors are kept tidy and dry.

Road Salt.

While salts are an extremely useful tool for melting ice on both roads and sidewalks, they are destructive to materials like wood and cloth. Like floor strippers, road salts often have a high pH. They break down the finish of your floor and allow moisture to damage the vulnerable wood beneath. If more salt touches the damaged flooring, the salt will dry out the wood and cause cracks and splintering. The powdery or oily residue of salts can also permanently stain or discolour carpets, tile, and other hard flooring. The only ways to keep your floors safe is with an intricate matting system or a commercial cleaning team you trust to mop away every last bit of salt.

Your Professional Image.

Powdery residues and discoloured flooring aren’t just bad because they cause permanent damage to your work space, they also harm your professional image. When new clients come to your commercial space, they expect to be greeted with an office that clearly demonstrates your business’s professionalism and attention to detail. Messy floors covered in salt or slush show the opposite. Impress your customers by working with the most dependable Calgary cleaners available.

Safe Floors.

Your top priority as a Calgary business owner is providing a safe commercial space for your employees to work and your clients to visit. During most of the year, this is fairly straightforward. However, the melting snow and ice off of people’s shoes during the winter can quickly cause safety hazards. Wet hard flooring increases the risk of slips and falls. Drenched carpeting, on the other hand, provides a home for mould and mildew; these fungi not only stink, but they can also cause allergic reactions and illness. Our team of commercial cleaners combat snow, slush, and road salt to keep your floors dry and safe.

You want to ensure the safety and health of both your employees and your customers. You also want to maintain your professional image and keep your business’s commercial space in good condition. Our team of professional, commercial Calgary cleaners can help. Learn more about our services or schedule your first cleaning today!