Sep 10, 2018

What’s Hiding in Your Carpet?

Here’s a not-so-fun fact for you: carpets can hold 4 times their weight in dirt, microbes, moulds, and other contaminants.
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Here’s a not-so-fun fact for you: carpets can hold 4 times their weight in dirt, microbes, moulds, and other contaminants. This is even more true of carpets in commercial spaces where employees and clients typically wear their outdoor shoes inside. When outdoor shoes are worn on the carpet, outside detritus, like animal wastes, can be easily transferred from the bottom of someone’s shoe to the carpet.


Allergens & Moulds not only make your carpets stink when the snow melts and the rug becomes damp, but they can also contribute to your employees always feeling a little under the weather. The problem with carpets isn’t just that they’re a magnet for dirt, allergens, moulds, and more, but also that they release their microscopic mess into the air everyone breathes. In many employees, this will cause chronic, mild allergies. They may have to blow their nose regularly or they may always have a slight headache, but regardless, they won’t be at their most productive because their body is combating contaminants in the environment.


Investing in Your Professional Image means working with a professional, commercial cleaning team. We ensure your carpets are clean, so that melting snow won’t cause your commercial space to smell. We also carefully remove carpet stains — rather than just adjusting nearby furniture to cover them up; something 70% of Canadians have admitted to doing. Finally, our specialized carpet cleaning services remove dirt, allergens, and the other nasty things from your carpets in a way that a vacuum just can’t. Which means your whole team will be breathing easier and can direct their entire focus to the projects at hand.


A clean, commercial space with immaculate carpets helps create an office your employees can be proud of working at. Workers who take pride in their place of employment are more productive, and many of them will dress and act more professionally to match their new environment. They may even keep their desks more tidy. The improved professional presentation of your commercial space will also be immediately apparent to your clients. While you may not smell an mildewy carpet since you spend so much time at your office, your clients certainly can. A hygienic, organized office tells prospective customers that your business cares about the details and makes sure things are done the right way. It creates the right image and leads your customers feeling that your business is the one they want to work with.


The state of your carpets says a lot about your business. You need your team and your clients to know your business takes its image seriously. Our Calgary commercial cleaners makes it easy with our professional office cleaning and carpet services. Keeping your office clean can help your bottom line, and we make it happen. Call us today.