Sep 1, 2018

Protect Your Business’s Productivity from Illness this Fall

We hate to be the ones to bring up the big, blizzardy truth, but winter could be just around the corner.
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We hate to be the ones to bring up the big, blizzardy truth, but winter could be just around the corner. It’s not unheard of for Calgary to face cold and snow in September — though fortunately it rarely sticks around. With winter on its way, it’s time to consider how you’ll defend your business’s productivity from cold and flu season.

How Illness Affects Your Bottom Line. Your business is dependent on your team members to be productive and contribute to your projects. When an employee is ill, they won’t be able to offer the same focus and hard work you expect from them. An employee who isn’t able to rest and recover may negatively impact productivity for days or weeks as they are less alert than usual.

Let Sick Employees Stay Home. To make matters worse, your sick employee won’t be the only one ill for long. If they’re coming into the office as per usual, they’ll quickly contaminate every door knob, desk surface, and paper they touch. Soon the entire office will be snivelling, and productivity will grind to a halt. Instead of only sending employees home when they’re truly too miserable to work, it may be a good idea to have them telecommute the moment they feel a little off. This will prevent the spread of illness to everyone in the office.

Sterilize Everything. Encourage employees to help fight germs. Have hand sanitizer in the office, and don’t tolerate dirty tissues being left around. One of the best defences your business can invest in is a professional, Calgary cleaning team. Our cleaning professionals carefully wipe and sanitize every surface to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. We’ll clean floors, windows, walls, restrooms, and more. Our environmentally friendly cleaning supplies are easy on the respiratory system and hard on microbes!

Don’t let the cold and flu season hurt your business’s efficiency and bottom line. Make the smart investment in a Calgary professional cleaning company to keep illness under control and projects moving forward on time!