Jul 9, 2018

Think About Fall Deep Cleaning

You’ve already done your business’s spring cleaning, do you really need to start thinking about a fall deep cleaning as well?
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Everyone knows that a spring deep cleaning is just what a business needs to make their commercial space shine again, but what about autumn? While an annual commercial deep cleaning will help your space to smell fresh and look professional, a single deep cleaning can only do so much. That’s why we recommend businesses invest in semi-annual deep cleanings: one in spring and one in fall.

Get Back to Business. While we’re all enjoying the summer months, business in Calgary tends to slow to a crawl. The kids are out of school, people are away for holidays, and everything is quiet for a while. But once September arrives in the next month and a half, you’ll need to shock your employees out of sleepy-summer dreams and back into reality. A thorough commercial cleaning can help sweep away some of the summer slump. Finding a fresh desk and clean office feels like pressing the reset button that puts any employee back into work mode.

Create Productivity. Many people suffer from mild allergies. Instead of running for a tissue every minute, they just feel a little tired or suffer from brain fog. Similarly, it’s not unusual for adults to be just a little sick with a cold or other contagious illness. Both these allergies and viruses are detrimental to your bottom line. When your employees aren’t at their best, your business loses valuable time and money. Regular commercial cleanings over the summer leading up to a fall deep cleaning will cut down on allergens, sanitize surfaces to prevent the spread of illness, and help your entire team to feel better and work harder.

Winter Solutions. We don’t want to say the s-word, especially when the weather right now is so nice, but winter will happen again and with it comes a whole slew of wet, mucky mess. Fortunately, there are many great commercial cleaning tips for winter that can help you keep your business professional and tidy despite the snow. We recommend matting, for one, to help contain slush, snow, and salt. But, if your business seems to be perpetually grungy during the winter, we have numerous solutions that can help.

Strathcona Cleaners are proud to offer cleaning services to Calgary business. We know that our clients greatly appreciate the difference our team makes in keep their commercial space professional and productive. To learn more about how our professional cleaners can help your business, contact us today online or call our team at 403-237-8355.