Jul 1, 2018

What Makes Strathcona Cleaners Different?

Our staff is highly trained and offer years of experience with all necessary equipment, cleaning chemicals, and supplies.
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There are many commercial Calgary cleaners for businesses to choose from. So what makes Strathcona Cleaners’ janitorial and floor services so different that Calgary businesses come back to our team again and again? It could just be our exceptional service, 45 years of collective experience, or flexible cleaning schedule, but we think there are few more reasons that Calgary businesses choose Strathcona Cleaners for their commercial cleaning needs.

Plan, Execute, Follow Up. Many of our competitors offer premade lists of potential services. Business owners pick the list that more-or-less meets their needs, a commercial cleaner comes, and that’s it. We believe that Calgary businesses deserve better customer service than our competitors offer. That’s why we work directly with our clients to plan their janitorial and floor cleaning services. Our staff arrive punctually and provide exceptional cleaning services. After they’re done, our team will follow up with your business to ensure you are completely satisfied. It’s our way of guaranteeing all jobs are done right!

Better Professional Cleaners. It seems like many commercial cleaning companies milk their clients while offering poor wages to disadvantaged workers. Because of these oppressive structures, our competitors suffer from disenfranchised staff, high employee turnover, poor training, and more. At Strathcona Cleaners, we offer employees wages well above the industry norm. This has allowed to retain many of our professional commercial cleaners for 10, 20, and even 30+ years. Our staff is highly trained and offer years of experience with all necessary equipment, cleaning chemicals, and supplies. All of our team members are proud to work for Strathcona Cleaners; they appreciate our clients, and they offer only superior work.

Reliable Green Cleaning. More and more people suffer from allergies or react to the smell of artificial cleaners. Beyond that, today’s business owners are valuing the environment and presenting a green image to their customers more than ever before. Our team can help. We don’t mean to imply that traditional cleaning methods are unsafe, but we believe that green cleaning is the next-step, so we offer a commercial cleaning service with increased sustainability, reduced pollutions, and improved health. Whether your business is simply interested in improving their environmental image or are ready to commit to LEED Certification, our professional commercial cleaners are here for you.

There are many things that make Strathcona Cleaners a little different than our competitors. We believe that our strength lies in what sets us apart, and our continued success, thanks to businesses like yours, ensure that we can keep pushing industry standards and providing exceptional services to all of our clients. To learn more about how Strathcona Cleaners and how we can help your business, contact us today online or call our team at 403-237-8355.