Jun 10, 2018

Solid Waste Management (Recycling)

Recycling plays a big part in reducing the communities impact overall and is easy to do.
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At Strathcona Cleaners, we believe strongly in the need to reduce our environmental impact on a daily basis. Recycling plays a big part in reducing the communities impact overall and is easy to do. Calgary’s municipal government provides a blue bin to every home that can be used to recycle many different materials. But does the word “recycling” just refer to putting certain things into a blue bin? Here is a closer look at how some materials are recycled.


People have been recycling glass and reusing it for years. Glass is made of sand, soda ash, and limestone and is one of the easiest materials to recycle. Glass is brought to a recycling center and then sorted into colors. It is then transported to another facility to be washed and crushed into what is called a cullet. The cullet is then taken to a factory, mixed with more limestone and soda ash, and heated in a furnace. It then turns into a liquid and is poured into moulds and shaped into new glass materials.


Plastic is brought to a recycling center and cleaned right away. The plastic is then chopped into small flakes. These flakes are then melted into their liquid form. The liquid is fed through a screen for more cleaning and comes out in long strands. The strands are cooled and cut into something called pellets which are then given to manufacturers to make their products.


Paper is made up of many tiny fibres. Because these fibres eventually become weak, paper cannot be recycling infinite times.

The process for recycling paper starts as other materials do, it is brought to and sorted at a recycling center. The paper is transported then to a pulping facility, soaked, and heated in huge vats, becoming pulp. Chemicals in the liquid separate the ink from the paper. The pulp is then screened and cleaned to remove glue and other debris from the paper. The pulp is then refined and beaten to make it ready to become paper again.


Aluminium can be recycled very quickly and easily! In fact, a soda can you recycle today could be back on the store shelf in a few months. Aluminium is brought to a recycling center, moved to a recycling plant, shredded and melted, cooled and formed into a block called an ingot. The ingot is then used to make products.

Recycling is a really easy way for everyone to have a smaller impact on the environment. Contact Strathcona cleaners today if you have any questions about what you can do to start recycling!