Dec 10, 2017

Floor Care Services in the Winter Months

As the holiday season approaches, Calgarians need to remember to take extra precautions with the incoming cold weather.
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As the holiday season approaches, Calgarians need to remember to take extra precautions with the incoming cold weather. Hardwood floor, in particular, is susceptible to damage from all the ice and snow winter brings, but a few minor changes to your cleaning routine is all it takes to protect your floors from winter debris, excessive moisture, and humidity changes.

Winter muck, like filthy slush and salt, is a common floor problem as roads and walkways get covered with snow and ice. Strathcona cleaners use sand and street salt to melt away ice and reduce tripping hazards, but just because salt and sand keep your employees and customers safe outside doesn’t make them good for your floor. The best way to protect your floors is to prevent winter debris from getting into your building in the first place. Using mats for the inside and outside of your entryways will help catch the ice, salt, sand, and other winter mess before it can get to your floors. Rough, coarse mats are best for outside while finer, absorbent mats are best for inside. Invest in a reliable matting service to ensure wet, dirty mats are removed and replaced as necessary.

Salt and sand aren’t the only challenges for your floor; excessive moisture and humidity changes are problematic during the cold months as well. It’s common knowledge that wood floors and moisture don’t get along. If left with a puddle of melting snow, wooden floor may warp or become damaged. To deal with excess moisture and humidity, be sure to create a safe place for employees and customers to leave their wet winter gear to dry. You’ll also want to clean animal paws before they enter your space. If you notice droplets or moisture, going over the floor with a dry mop is a good way to get rid of it.

With the incoming winter moisture and muck, it’s also a good idea to review your cleaning schedule and checklist. If you have a Calgary commercial cleaner, you should give them an updated checklist of what you need done over the snowy months. You may need to add new items to the checklist or ask your Calgary cleaner to pay special attention to a specific area of the building. A professional team, like Strathcona Cleaners, should be flexible to your needs and adapt quickly.

Make sure you have a solid, respected commercial cleaning company on your side this winter. If you want the best-looking building in all of Calgary, Alberta, contact our team at Strathcona Cleaners today. We look forward to helping you with all your cleaning needs this winter!