Nov 1, 2017

Maintaining Workplace Productivity with Cleaning Services

Strathcona Cleaners LTD is a widely renowned, professional Janitorial Cleaning service provider operating out of the Calgary Area.
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Countless studies done over the past few decades have stressed the importance of the workplace environment. A well organized, clean office motivates workers and boosts efficiency and effectiveness significantly. Here are some ways that cleaning services will affect your workplace!

Computers and Dust

Computers are an excellent dust magnet, and that’s bad news for you. The cracks in and around your PC may be overcome with copious amounts of dust, causing your computer to work less optimally than before. Dusty computers also tend to overheat more often and break faster. Our Calgary cleaners will help to keep dust to a minimum throughout your office and that means there will be less fuzz and junk to junk up your computer.


There are numerous things in your office building that are touched hundreds, possibly thousands of times per day. Some examples include things like doorknobs, elevator buttons, photocopiers, the coffee machine, and printers.  With a workplace that is full of employees going every which way, it should be no surprise that your staff is at a higher risk of contracting illness if these objects are not sanitized daily.

Illness has a negative effect on workplace productivity. An employee who is very sick will most likely take at least a few days off work to recuperate. An employee who is sick but comes into the office anyways will work less effectively and possibly get the entire office sick.


A cluttered office environment will not only bring about unhealthy working conditions for employees, it will reduce their effectiveness at doing their work. A poorly lit, dusty, unmaintained workplace poses many obstacles for employees to avoid while going about their tasks. An organized, planned workplace allows workers to function smoothly and effectively on a daily basis.


All of the problems above culminate together to ruin workplace morale. An untidy workplace serves to make workers agitated, decreasing their effectiveness and increasing their stress levels. Employees want to be able to work without constantly tripping over road blocks like lost papers and not enough free desk space. Furthermore, an unhealthy workplace environment is detrimental to a company’s image.

Strathcona Cleaners LTD is a widely renowned, professional Janitorial Cleaning service provider operating out of the Calgary Area. Call out team today at 403-237-8355 and learn more about our numerous green cleaning services!