Oct 10, 2017

Clean Workplaces and Public Image

Keeping a professional company image is an important part of any business plan.
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Keeping a professional company image is an important part of any business plan. There are several ways that a cluttered, unorganized work space can negatively impact your public image. For example, if you work at a bank and can’t keep your desk tidy, are customers likely to trust you with their investments or bank accounts?

The cleanliness of your office reflects on your company. If you have landed a client, it’s important to make a good first impression in order to get their business. If you have overflowing trash cans, dirty dishes, disorganized desks, and other clutter lying around may send an unwanted message to the client.

A clean workplace also increases work productivity and leads to a higher quality service being delivered. We all know how hard it is to work efficiently if your workplace is messy. Clients want a company that can provide services quickly and effectively.

Clean workplaces have many other benefits too! Here are just a few:

  • There is a direct correlation between employee health and workplace cleanliness. Healthy workers means less time off and more productivity!

  • A sparkling workplace creates a welcoming, positive atmosphere for all building occupants, whether they be a client or a staff member.

  • Workplace cleanliness is an excellent marketing tool to attract potential clients.

  • Appearance is one key element that separates one building from another competitor building.

As you can see, a clean workplace plays a vital role in keeping people healthy and productive as well as maintaining a good public image. To put it simple, a clean workplace increases the following:

  • Employee attendance and health

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Workplace productivity

  • Building / Company’s public image

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