May 1, 2017

LEED Services

At Strathcona Cleaners, we go to the extremes to make sure our work is done as efficiently and effectively as possible
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At Strathcona Cleaners, we go to the extremes to make sure our work is done as efficiently and effectively as possible. To do this, Strathcona Cleaners meets LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green housekeeping requirements and standards. Doing this ensures that our work is efficient, environmentally friendly, and high quality.

Under LEED Canada, we maintain the following standards in the workplace:

  • Purchases that contain at least 10% post consumer and/or 20% post-industrial recycled content.

  • Purchases containing at least 50% rapidly renewable materials.

  • Purchases consisting of 50% Forest Stewardship Council certified paper products.

  • Rechargeable batteries in battery operated equipment.

Furthermore, our Indoor Environmental Quality: Green Cleaning Policy goes the extra mile to ensure our work has the smallest ecological footprint possible. This policy includes the following points:

  1. Staff training in the hazards, use, maintenance, disposal, and recycling of chemicals, equipment and packaging (essentially advanced WHIMIS training).

  2. Using chemical concentrates with dilution system

  3. Using sustainable cleaning materials

Strathcona Cleaners also ensures all its equipment is sustainable by:

  • Using Vacuum Cleaners that are “Green Label” certified and operated at below a 70dBA sound level.

  • Using equipment with safeguards to reduce damages to building surfaces.

  • Ensuring a log of all equipment is kept and equipment is replaced, repaired, and maintained efficiently and effectively.

Why are LEED services the up and coming gold standard for the cleaning industry? LEED – Certified buildings are resource efficient, have a reduced environmental impact, and save lots of money.

At Strathcona Cleaners, we strive to ensure all of our work is as environmentally friendly as possible. We have no trouble meeting LEED requirements on a day to day basis and will continue to abide by these guidelines in all of our work. Need some cleaning done? Give us a call today at 403-237-8355 and we’d be happy to find the perfect service for you!