Green Cleaning - LEED Green Housekeeping

The concept of green cleaning does not imply that traditional cleaning methods are inferior or unsafe. Rather, Strathcona Cleaners green cleaning initiatives can be viewed as the next step toward increased sustainability, further reducing polluting impacts while promoting and improving health, safety and environmental elements.

A key goal of green cleaning and its measures is to protect the health of the building occupants, visitors and cleaning staff, as well as reducing the polluting effects on our air and water.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

The primary benefit of “Green Cleaning” is a cleaner, healthier building and its occupants.

  • Increased Indoor Air Quality: Excessive VOC’s, airborne dust and other indoor pollutants can cause numerous health problems among building occupants and workers, resulting in increased absenteeism and lower productivity on the job.
  • Lower Costs: Better cleaning procedures and safer products can significantly improve the health of building occupants, reduce healthcare and insurance costs. Green Cleaning can reduce the cost of environmental protection to the community as a whole.
  • Reduced Complaints: If the building is better maintained, there will be fewer complaints from the occupants.
  • Better Public Image: With the increased publicity of our environment, Green Cleaning will create a more favourable public image for companies.

LEED Green Housekeeping Requirements

As LEED requirements are similar with our own standards, Strathcona Cleaners has no difficulty in providing all information and services needed to maintain certification. Our thirty years of experience has proven our adaptability to changes which is why we have provided over and above what is required and have already implemented environmental standards within our company. Our commitments to our employees by way of training in proper procedures and wages well above industry standard norms have enabled us to provide the most to our clients. We value our relationships with our staff and our clients and strive to establish a long term working relationship with both.

Under LEED Canada for existing buildings operations and maintenance:

Material and Resources, Sustainable Purchasing: Ongoing Consumables:

  • Purchases that contain at least 10% post consumer and/or 20% post-industrial recycled content.
  • Purchases containing at least 50% rapidly renewable materials.
  • Purchases consisting of 50% Forest Stewardship Council certified paper products.
  • Rechargeable batteries in battery operated equipment.

Indoor Environmental Quality: Green Cleaning Policy:

High-Performance Cleaning Program:

  • Appropriate staffing plan.
  • Staff training in the hazards, use, maintenance, disposal and recycling of chemicals, equipment and packaging (essentially advanced WHIMIS training).
  • Use chemical concentrates with dilution system (based on our supplier being able to install the dispensers required).
  • Using sustainable cleaning materials coinciding with the sustainable purchasing plan.

Custodial Effectiveness Assessment:

  • Regular inspections to evaluate the effectiveness of the cleaning program and make any changes needed to maintain acceptable standards.

Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials:

  • All items that we procure for the premises will be evaluated through our suppliers for the best possible fit to meet requirements. We maintain at least 90% of all disposable paper and bag products, 30% of total annual purchases in products other than paper products will conform as per requirements.

Sustainable Cleaning Equipment:

  • Vacuum cleaners will be “Green Label” certified and operated below the 70dBA sound level.
  • Powered floor equipment will be equipped with guards to capture fine particulates and also operated below 70dBA.
  • Equipment will have safeguards to reduce damages to building surfaces.
  • A log of equipment will document the date of purchase, repair and maintenance, and vendor specifications.

Materials and Resources Solid Waste Management: Waste Stream Audit:

  • Assist in the waste stream audit to aid in identifying the types of waste to help identify opportunities for increased recycling and waste diversion.

Strathcona Cleaners is currently employed at the Jacobs’ building situated at 205 Quarry Park. The building is one of the first private developers in Alberta to strive for LEED certification in accordance with criteria outlined by the Canada Green Building Council.